Sitting by the balcony
I was reading a love book
It reminded me of you
With a smile my head shook.

The climate was soothing
I wished you were with me
As on the honeycomb
Stuck like a bee.

Memorizing our moments, in the past spent together
I felt the same again enjoying the weather.

I blushed and blushed and continued reading
When the characters in the book started resembling.

The Prince was you and the Princess was me
Away from the world setting themselves free.

They sung, they danced and made love with each other
And promised forever to live together.

But O! The Prince fall’s ill
And is near to death
The princess pray’s the lord
With true and ultimate faith.

But the Prince had to die
And shine in the sky
He gives his last glance at her
And say’s “goodbye”.

I wept and wept, but
Could never imagine you like this
I wished it was the Princess in that state
And not the prince.

I couldn’t read further
As the prince was dead
I threw the book aside
Lying on the bed.

Then came you
Back from work
I looked upon you
With a sudden jerk.

I was shattered,
Thinking of the sorrowful story
You came closer consoling me,
By saying “baby, it’s just a story.”

Then I controlled my tears
And came out of the book
Feeling the warmth of your face
Again with a smile my head shook.

Yamini teaches English at St Mary's College. She's an occasional writer and poet; She enjoys music and dance:she loves singing and other art forms.She believes that any kind of art is a great stress buster.

  1. Such beautifully written poem.

  2. It’s well written 🤗 Nice one 🤘

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