Sep 2018
J Mathew George
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It’s Only Words…

“Think not those faithful who praise thy words and actions but those who kindly reprove thy faults.” –  Socrates, 400 BC The ability to handle criticism well is an important life-skill. We all ‘know’ that criticisms – more than praises – provide opportunities for growth. After all, success is a poor teacher. Even when we… // Read More

Sep 2018
Tabrun Mohammed
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The science and sci-fi of black holes

The film Interstellar is a lavish space romp which sees Mathew McConaughey jump through a worm hole, navigate space-time and tumble into a black hole in his quest to save humanity. Director Christopher Nolan was keen to get details right and enlisted the help of renowned US astrophysicist Professor Kip Thorne. So did Nolan and… // Read More

Sep 2018
Seema Naomi Seth
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Do we love love?

Love is a cliche, love is overrated some say. Love, the one thing that we all talk about, the feeling which we wish to feel. We often say, OMG!! I love those shoes! I just love chocolates… I love me some nice margarita! Aren’t these the things which we say often? We love so many things…. // Read More

Sep 2018
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Every day I look beyond the horizon Hoping to find what I lost a long time ago. But all I see is the darkness seeping through An emptiness that has no void. What Faith gave me, Hope could not. What Truth gave me, Reality could not. What my Thoughts gave me, My Vision could not…. // Read More

Aug 2018
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<a THERE are few times in life When we realise What is life for ? Life is for sadness Life is for happiness Or life is for giving Givng what to whom IS that whom is you Can we call us one or two ? Souls or Soulmates Was there only give or take Can… // Read More

Aug 2018
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Somewhere in my dream

SOMEWHERE IN MY DREAM by -Anshikaa Khatter Somewhere in my dream serene and blissful I start beautifully naive across the shore I am with the shine and you going low DO you remember me ? while I make your shadow passing through a meadow sparkling upon the waves hiding me behind Sinking into depth I… // Read More

Jul 2018
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Langala Deha, Dami Poshaka: A Review

Existential angst is not self-inflicted rather induced by the society we inhabit, the ecology we observe from and the experiences we encounter in different walks of life. Langala Deha, Dami Poshaka (Naked Bodies, Costly Attires), a collection of four short stories by Bahibala Akshaya is a commentary on the various forms of existential angst. These… // Read More

Jan 2018
Anjali Reddy

Last days of my college life…

Yes, the truth is, these are the last days of my college life! I really don’t know whether I will be getting a chance to experience college again but the three years of my undergraduate studies will be the most memorable education I have had. I would cherish each and every moment of my college… // Read More

Dec 2017
A S Jyotsna

Brown and Lovely

A fish needn’t be told how to swim nor a dog be told how to bark or wag its tail. Perhaps, it’s just human beings that need to be told to be ‘Humans’ all the time. From questioning this truth, actually not doing so, I wondered why people misbehave or use hurtful statements when we… // Read More